Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Results from questionnaire;
Audience research 2

This graph shows that the number of male and females that took part in our questionnaire were pretty equal giving us a mixed and equal/clear amount of people to see who likes indie-rock music and possibly see if its more popular in males or females. This helped us when making our music video and calculating the audience we need to aim for. Overall there were 41 females and 39 males that took part. 

This graph shows that more people prefer narrative to a video rather then a live performance. Overall we gave the questionnaire to 80 people so this shows that narrative is more popular helping us and making us consider this when making our video to see what people most enjoy and like.
This graph shows the different age groups of people interested in rock-indie music we can see that people between the ages of 16-24 mostly enjoy rock-indie music giving us a specific audience to aim for and know what age we will be appealing or attracting most.

This graph shows the style that people are most likely to want or expect to see. A large percentage of people said they wanted a good use of instruments giving a rock/relaxed feel but at the same time a meaningful yet mysterious atmosphere to create emotion and keep the audience engaged with the music. This helps us relate/link to our audience and what they like or enjoy helping us what to consider when making our video.

This graph shows that people expect to see instruments and a band within the indie-rock genre. This helps us to focus on these areas e.g. using a range of shots to show the instruments and actual artists to best portray our genre and music to show how they are most stereo typically viewed.

This graph shows that the most popular instrument used in indie/rock is guitar or electric guitar followed by drums and that most people believe and think this. Therefore we will use guitar and drums within our music video to best portray our genre and because this is what our target audience will most enjoy.

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