Thursday, 26 September 2013

song annotations

Post 5 - Image Annotation

Our genre is indie-rock so our artists need to reflect this within their appearance. Rock artists normally wear or focus on the color black and have long or messy hair. We want our artists to also look similar to this and possibly wear leather and jeans or trousers as this also represents indie-rock.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

initial ideas

1) Initial ideas

We agreed on the genre indie/rock because we had creative and effective ideas for this and picked the song 'in the basement' by Canterbury as we felt this best reflected our genre and would be a good and easy song to edit to. It also has a lot of beats and a steady flow which worked well with our genre and editing. We all spoke as a group giving our opinion and ideas on how best to show our genre and atmosphere/idea coming to final conclusions and agreeing on certain ideas.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Post 3; Song details

We have chosen 'lost in the basement' by Canterbury because we feel this best reflects our genre of indie rock and its also good for editing because its fast paced and can include a wide variety of different shots.

Post 2; Roles

roles 2 on Make A Gif

Harry - Editor (In charge of making sure the editing and general video looks good and thinking about what will work best)

Demi - Director (Keeping everyone focused and taking the lead with discussions or ideas etc)

Hannah - Camera and lighting (In charge of looking after the camera and deciding what shots will look good or what shots are most necessary to what light will be most relevant e.g. creating the atmosphere)

Toni - Mise-en-scene and Sound (Looking at the surrounding area within our shot/frame and basically setting the scene for each shot, possibly deciding what areas and locations are best to film in and deciding what sounds work well or not)

Monday, 23 September 2013

Genre research 1;
Mood board

Artists and bands who represent the idea of 'rock' often emphasize dark or shocking clothing and mostly stand out and be original e.g. themselves. They follow a certain style like piercings, tattoos, long dark hair and focus their clothes and appearance around the idea of the colours black and white and sometimes red. They like being different and somewhat give an impression of not caring or being crazy and living to stand out because they are noticed.

Friday, 20 September 2013

post 1 ideas

Ideas for Music Video (Matt Pryor - Polish The Broken Glass)

Alex Kemp - Vocals 
Carys Williams - Ukele
Mike Perrett - Drums
Joe Wingfield/Alex Kemp -  Guitar

 Location: Church
 Shot Ideas: Feet walking (intro/outro)
Going through someones eye and seeing someone elses point of view - someone at alter - relationship
tarnish your legacy - making mistakes damaging reputation
Dust of your dirty task - confessions
These are just memories - could have a picture being burnt
How much of this is me - slow zoom of guy to a long shot 
And how much of you - he doesn't lip synch

Conventions of a music video;
Genre research 3
  1. Artist appears in the video
  2. the song will be the soundtrack
  3. Artist will lip synch
  4. the artist will perform throughout the video
  5. the video will usually have different locations
  6. the costumes will match the locations
  7. Parts of the video shot in a studio
  8. the video will usually contain a narrative
  9. the video will contain a range of dynamic camera movements 
  10. the video will use mostly close ups for the lip synch
  11. the video may often use high angles to create a sexy look, or low angles to create a powerful look
  12. there will be a wide range of different shot types/angles in each location
  13. the editing will cut to the beat
  14. Slow motion is occasionally used in the video
  15. the video will be based around a concept

Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Results from questionnaire;
Audience research 2

This graph shows that the number of male and females that took part in our questionnaire were pretty equal giving us a mixed and equal/clear amount of people to see who likes indie-rock music and possibly see if its more popular in males or females. This helped us when making our music video and calculating the audience we need to aim for. Overall there were 41 females and 39 males that took part. 

This graph shows that more people prefer narrative to a video rather then a live performance. Overall we gave the questionnaire to 80 people so this shows that narrative is more popular helping us and making us consider this when making our video to see what people most enjoy and like.
This graph shows the different age groups of people interested in rock-indie music we can see that people between the ages of 16-24 mostly enjoy rock-indie music giving us a specific audience to aim for and know what age we will be appealing or attracting most.

This graph shows the style that people are most likely to want or expect to see. A large percentage of people said they wanted a good use of instruments giving a rock/relaxed feel but at the same time a meaningful yet mysterious atmosphere to create emotion and keep the audience engaged with the music. This helps us relate/link to our audience and what they like or enjoy helping us what to consider when making our video.

This graph shows that people expect to see instruments and a band within the indie-rock genre. This helps us to focus on these areas e.g. using a range of shots to show the instruments and actual artists to best portray our genre and music to show how they are most stereo typically viewed.

This graph shows that the most popular instrument used in indie/rock is guitar or electric guitar followed by drums and that most people believe and think this. Therefore we will use guitar and drums within our music video to best portray our genre and because this is what our target audience will most enjoy.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013
 Analysis of Rock;

Analysing a pop video;
The music throughout the whole video is quite upbeat and jumpy also becoming catchy as we can easily pick up on the words. Although it is quite happy video it has an emotional side as well.

This is a good long shot as it shows the singer but by being surrounded by a group of people takes the full focus off her and more towards her surroundings.

 This represents a divide between the characters as there is space and both are facing away from each other meaning they are not engaged/connected within talking or in general. The fact the girl has her back towards him possibly shows a sign of rejection and pushing him away as her attention is focused somewhere else.

 This shot gives a direct view of the main singer showing clearly what she looks like and the expression on her face. This also collects the audiences attention and make them link/connect with the character as she is giving direct eye contact. Having this closeup shot gets the audience more involved as they feel directly linked to whatever is going on sustaining their attention and interest.
Random shots such as this puts the audience off track and as said somewhat confuses them as they are unsure of whats going on, it keeps and remains their attention and interest but this shot is simply to show the moving pavement and possibly the idea that others are experiencing it as well. Its edited so the pavement and everything else moves at different speeds, the video starts slow and then speeds up could yet again represent the idea of time.

This shot also links to the idea of being 'alone' as the singer is shown in a surrounding where there are no other people. But although she is alone she looks somewhat inferior to everything around her and she remains quite tall and strong compared to that of someone who was sitting hunched into a ball etc. The idea of her being like this could possibly reflect her mental or emotional state e.g. although she is alone or missing/without someone she is being strong.

Abstract and interesting shots give the video an exciting twist and yet again sustains the audience's attention. It also confuses us in some way, telling a story but in a unusual and not obvious way so we remain focused as we want to find out what happens.

The idea of the pavement constantly moving could suggest or indicate a busy, non-stopping life or directly link back to time as in time doesn't stop or slow down. This could possibly mean that time has moved on or that time could be stuck in the past but remains moving. The surroundings are quite empty and lonely and for me personally give an idea of being 'lost' or venturing into the unknown.

At the end of the video it shows her being reunited with a boy in which we see frequently throughout the video telling us he is involved in some way. Although the fact they are situated to the right of the screen shows they are somewhat hidden possibly secret as they don't gain the audiences full attention (middle) They are also under shelter by a building where the other side of the screen is quite open and free this could possibly show an idea of being trapped or stuck or could reflect back to the idea of time e.g. time moving or slowing down.

Project brief;

Our task is to create a music video in groups including the following
1)A cover for its release (CD cover)                                                        2) A magazine advertisement for the digipack