Friday, 20 September 2013

Conventions of a music video;
Genre research 3
  1. Artist appears in the video
  2. the song will be the soundtrack
  3. Artist will lip synch
  4. the artist will perform throughout the video
  5. the video will usually have different locations
  6. the costumes will match the locations
  7. Parts of the video shot in a studio
  8. the video will usually contain a narrative
  9. the video will contain a range of dynamic camera movements 
  10. the video will use mostly close ups for the lip synch
  11. the video may often use high angles to create a sexy look, or low angles to create a powerful look
  12. there will be a wide range of different shot types/angles in each location
  13. the editing will cut to the beat
  14. Slow motion is occasionally used in the video
  15. the video will be based around a concept

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